Virtual Mailroom Services

ineedafile’s Virtual Mailroom Services allow you to import and organize your vendors’ invoices and process directly into your payment platform. Whether you are receiving emails or paper invoices, ineedafile’s queue allows you to organize your daily invoices and delegate the processing to either our dedicated labor or yours.

Our Virtual Mailroom and Dedicated Labor Processing Services work together resulting in increased productivity and lower costs instantly.

ineedafile’s user-friendly web dashboard provides you with total transparency and allows for efficient sorting of the queue, exception processing, and distribution of tasks. One click gives you and your team instant access to any pending, current, or completed transactions.

What’s In It What’s In It For Your Business
Centralized Processing
  • Increased productivity with centralization of vendor invoices
  • Organized and controlled environment
  • Use our Dedicated Labor and / or your own
Cloud-Based “Software as a Service”
  • Nothing to purchase, install, maintain, or manage
  • Always up to date
  • Doesn’t overburden IT or consultant resources
Individually Configurable
  • Solutions for any and every area of your business
  • Meets each individual department’s needs
  • Solutions tailored to your department processes
  • Doesn’t lock you in, solutions evolve as your company changes and grows
  • Start small with less at stake
  • Start slow as your schedule allows
  • Ramp up or phase in as required, and when the time is right
  • Access information and workflow anywhere in the world on any device with an internet connection
Always Accessible
  • Access information and workflow processes 24/7/365
  • Safe storage in your own exclusive partition in our private cloud
  • Files automatically backed up at redundant remote sites
  • All internet activity securely encrypted
  • Easy, quick implementation saves time and money
  • User-friendly interface enhances productivity
  • Reduced paper, storage, and retrieval costs
  • Convenient data input options — scans, emails, forms, and portal entry
  • Easy, quick, accurate retrieval
  • Multiple backups at redundant remote sites
Low Fixed Cost
  • Predictable expense, no hidden fees, no surprises
  • Reduced IT expense and consultant fees
  • Reduced in-house labor costs