Our Client-Centered Approach is Based on Your Needs with Services Phased or Scaled as Required

Web-Based Workflow. Our Web-Based Workflow “Software as a Service” makes all of your information processing — from corporate communications and HR record keeping to invoice management and tracking — quicker, easier, and more efficient. Learn more
Virtual Mailroom Services. Now it’s easy to manage all your task processing sites — throughout your office or around the world — from a single centralized processing center. Learn more
E-Forms. Now you can say goodbye to all the paper and penmanship it takes to generate and fill out forms of any kind. Our E-Forms service eliminates the time and effort necessary to manually complete, file, store, and retrieve paper forms. Learn more
Global Remote Scanning. If you have an internet connection and any kind of scanning device — desktop or mobile — you can scan and index documents directly onto ineedafile secure servers. Learn more
Digital Storage & Retrieval. Eliminate the time it takes to file paper documents, organize and transport the files to a central storage area, dispatch someone to find specific files when you need them, and then get the files into the hands of all appropriate team members when necessary. Learn more
Document Imaging. Profit from the advantages of having your own “in-house” document imaging team without purchasing hardware and software, and without the costs of hiring and managing staff and dealing with constant production variables. Learn more

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