Is Your “In-House” Team Delivering Web-Based Solutions That Save You Time and Money

We take the time to understand your organization and the way each department handles information gathering and processing. That way we can individually configure solutions for any and every area of your business where workflow and information management are crucial.

    • “ineedafile listened carefully and, based on our requests, created a workflow management system specific to the requirements of our credit systems and processes worldwide.”
    • “When the economic downturn forced us to reduce labor in our department, we turned to to automate some of our most time-intensive work.”
    • “ came to the rescue when our COO challenged us to achieve significant process improvements. The solutions were tailored to fit our company, and we saw immediate results.”
    • “Corporate audits were a constant challenge because of lost or misplaced documents until ineedafile solved the problem. Their cloud-based system makes it easy to store and find everything.”
    • “We called when we needed better control of invoice approval while increasing approval efficiency. Now we have an efficient AP workflow process that didn’t cost an arm and a leg.”
    • “Our invoice processing was all over the map (literally) until we brought in to centralize our AP through an online portal. It’s accessed globally, managed locally.”
    • “Our department was slated for outsourcing until we convinced management to consider efficiencies possible with ineedafile’s shared service site support. They saved our department.”
  • “ gives us all the benefits of outsourcing without losing any control. In fact, we think of the people they have dedicated to our business as our in-house management support team.”

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